DEC Meals Delivered Delicious, Easy, Clean

Why use a personal chef?  

Are you choosy about your meals? Want to eat exactly what you crave without all the additives? Have you tried meal delivery services, meal prep kits or gym pick-up meals and they just didn’t quite satisfy you? Want to return up to 10 hours a week of your life back, by not planning, shopping or cooking your meals? These and more are some of the reasons why using DEC Meals Delivered may be a great fit for you! Meals created by personal chefs, with a personal touch is a perfect fit. 

Who is a typical client?

The best relationships are with clients who care about what they are eating and are open to clear, timely communication. In our world, food options are endless and even cheap.  DEC Meals Delivered clients want a better option. Organic, clean meals are customized to the ingredients you desire. A typical client enjoys this very personal service as it gives them peace of mind and freedom to do other fun and productive activities. 


How does this work?  Let's break it down for you

First, we will talk to determine what you want to accomplish by using DEC Meals Delivered. The initial meeting lasts 30-40 minutes, typically by phone. We will discuss your food likes, dislikes, food allergies and special dietary requirements. We will start a one month trial period, of fresh meals being delivered to your home weekly, usually Monday or Tuesday. Every week we check in to learn about how the meals are working for you and how we can make the service fit your needs best. After 30 days (the perfect amount of time to create a new delicious habit) we create packages that help you continue receiving custom meals, making meal time easy.    

DEC Meals Delivered

How much is this going to cost me?

Package pricing varies, based on how many meals per week you desire and how many servings you will need, whether a single eater or a family. All meals contain organic, clean and local ingredients whenever possible. Dishes are packed with flavor and healthy ingredients, allowing you to live your best life. One month trials start at $800 and increases based on size of household and number of dishes desired. 

DEC Meals Delivered

How do I get started?

Call or email me to schedule a no-obligation assessment. 


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