VIP Day With a Chef

Satisfy Your Appetite & Be Your Own Chef

The Seriously Fun, One Day Cooking Course for Beginner Cooks Who Care About Whole Foods 

Do you care to eat well and desire to cook for yourself? Feeling overwhelmed on where to start?

Imagine having one day, a VIP DayONE ON ONE, with a professional chef, teaching you cooking concepts and dishes specific to your needs. Go from fear to mastery in your own kitchen and learn that cooking is seriously fun!

Results include reducing your stress, creating meals with less struggle and increasing your health & wealth by becoming your own chef! 


Yes, learn with me, Chef Karen, for a full, VIP Day, in your home, getting comfortable with your supplies and learning to master whole foods cooking. I work with your current skill level and create a plan that solves your preparing meals challenges. Topics include: knife skills, reading & completing recipes, gaining confidence to cook without a recipe, menu planning for future success.

This VIP Day has lots of wonderful add-ins and bonuses. In addition to following a custom plan for the day, taking you from fear to mastery, you’ll have lots of support prior and after this VIP Day to continue your success in the kitchen.

Satisfy Your Appetite & Be Your Own Chef  VIP DAY Includes: 

  • 45 minute phone assessment prior to class to meet your cooking needs & meal desires
  • A kickstart assignment to get you ready for your VIP Day
  • Custom recipe booklet that includes 20 recipes
  • Chef’s knife and sharpener
  • Email coaching for two weeks after your VIP Day
  • One hour follow-up coaching phone call within 30 days of your VIP Day


Picturing yourself in this wonderful VIP Day? Wanting to stop the stress of not being able to cook meals that truly nourish you?

Wanting to give the gift of cooking as a gift to your loved one? Trust me, this will be an amazing present for those wanting to cook more.

Desiring to make a change in your life and Be Your Own Chef?

I would love to talk with you further to see if this VIP Day is a fit for you.

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